In our world, what happens to coated paper and film waste, really matters.

As the UK’s largest recycler of silicone coated paper and film waste, Corpak is committed to creating sustainable solutions that do some good in the world.  We care about how we can help recycle and convert coated paper and film waste in both our domestic UK market and worldwide.  With producers of this waste found all over the globe, we care about what happens next. We want to find them or help them find us so we can work together to help the planet.

We work harder to put label waste back into the working world.

Today, coated paper and film waste is everywhere. More products are packed, sealed, contained, boxed, bottled and despatched than ever. Labels are used to display Brands, Contents, QR codes, bar codes, Symbols, Addresses, Warnings and much much more. And when these labels have been stuck to its product or package, what’s left behind is 100% waste.
That’s where we come in. Continually applying our specialised expertise to recover, convert and repurpose release liners of all sizes ready for a second lifecycle in the circular economy.

So where did our sustainability story start?

Corpak Ltd has been continually growing and evolving as a business since 1966, trading successfully through several generations of partnerships before becoming a family owned and operated limited company in 2018.

In our own small way, we’re part of a big global solution, channelling our product and service ingenuity into bold new ideas which will help to shape a more sustainable future.

Helping our global partners to give release liners, a new lease of life.

Through our partnerships with companies and organisations such as CELAB and Avery Dennison, we’re helping to promote release liner recycling around the world. Every day, we’re proud to be a part of our local, national and global initiatives designed to create a fully sustainable self-adhesive labelling industry which enable major brands to dramatically reduce their future carbon footprint.