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Medium/Large Animal Bedding

Known to our oldest customers as "Corpak Paper" it is the preferred bedding of Greyhound Trainers, Breeders, Stadiums, Kennels through to Dog Rescue Centres, the Police K9 Unit to Private Dog Owners.

* One side coated makes our bedding last longer and goes further, absorbs from the bottom up keeping dogs dry.

* Dust free

* Ink free

* Typical bale size 16/18 Kilograms

* 100% Recycled product

* Always 200 to 500 bales in stock



Small/Medium Animal Bedding

This bedding is ideal for small Dogs, Cats, Rabbits down to Mice, we currently supply this product to Catteries, Kennels, Pet Shops and the General Public.

* Food grade material

* Dust Free

* Wet Strength, which means that it does not pulp when wet

* Ink free

* 100% Recycled product

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