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Our de-labelling technology removes labels from it's backing FILM/PAPER, this is a secure anti counterfit programme with recycling benefits.

Secure Shredding

Secure shredding is offered as standard to all our printed film/papersupplers, used to supply our PET BEDDING, HAMPER, TISSUE, PACKAGING and other markets.

Die Pressing

We offer this service to other industries that fall outside of our standard customer base, we can die press any materials from LEATHER, ISSUE, CARDBOARD, CLOTH to soft PLASTICS.


Sheeting service of all types of FILM, PAPER and CARDBOARD, we either supply our raw material or customer supplied material.



Our raw material comes in many different shapes and sizes, on reel and off reel and a variety of material types. Often these materials are not compatible with each other when it comes to converting and recycling so they have to be identified and separated.

Baling & Compacting

Our site has the ability to bale and compact film, paper and cardboards. This process is usually carried out to compact low bulk density material to a higher density to allow cost effective transportation to the point of processing.


We offer a UK mainland collection service to all our suppliers, we are happy to collect any amount of on reel film and/or paper usually winthin 3 to 5 working days.


We have built our status as a complete solution provider to our suppliers for importing films and papers, this means that on occassion we have materials offered that our not suitable for our converting requirments.

For this reason we have built up a world wide network of converting partner relationships that we export to when necessary.



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